“We love the burgers at Penelope's. We stopped several times during our stay! Everyone around us was raving about their meals too. GREAT PLACE!!”

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Penelope's Restaurant

Step into Penelope's and step back in time. Enjoy the old-fashioned atmosphere while feasting on Penelope's “World Famous” burgers and fries. Remember the time when hamburgers were made of fresh, not frozen, 100% ground beef? When the hamburger was cooked after you ordered it, not sitting there waiting for someone to come along? Remember when fresh potatoes were cut right there in the kitchen for french fries, not cooked out in some potato factory and shipped in frozen? Remember those old-fashioned malts and flavored sodas the no one offers anymore? Come in and let those old times roll!

Yummy Chili Burger
“Tons of menu options and very good selection for the kids. Burgers come with lots of tasty fries. We also ordered soft drinks, which you can constantly refill from the coke dispensing machine - which is a handy feature after hiking all day”

“Penelope's was as good as I remember it. Food was fresh. Our burgers were good and the shakes were hand-made from ice cream. They do your food when you order, so be patient. It's not pre-made. This place is the real deal.”

Inside at Penelope's

Conveniently located in downtown Estes Park